2017-09-10 09:05:48 by HJfod

Wow, you stumbled accross my NG! You must either be really drunk or really lost, since I don't think anyone sensible would come to listen to my songs, since they are all complete crap. But anyways, here's some questions you might ask:

What do I do?

I make music and upload it in here! The program I use is called FL Studio. Maybe you've heard of it!

When do I upload new songs?

I upload new songs whenever I get one finished.

Where can you find me?

Well, of course, here, but I also have a YouTube and other stuff. Links are in my profile!



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2017-09-10 17:33:09

I'm not drunk, I just wandered here. We all went through this phase, this is the time to improve your songs ;)


2017-09-19 14:42:43

Great songs